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Mission Statement:  The mission of the Green Homes Plus program is to assist residential builders and developers in their efforts to construct more sustainable developments and to improve the general construction, the environment, increase energy efficiency and consumer comfort.


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 Building Energy Efficiency into Green Homes

With energy prices on the minds of most all consumers and the growing interest to be environmentally responsible, it is essential that ⥥n튉 homes be energy efficient.  Most all consumers assumed that a green home will be energy efficient; unfortunately this is not always the case.  A majority of all green home programs can gain the green certification based on environmental factors other than energy efficiency.  However, a home certified as green may not actually be any more energy efficient than a typical non-green home.

Home Energy Concepts Corporation strongly believes when considering the characteristics of green homes, energy efficiency should come first 鴠should provide the foundation of a home৲een rating and be the primary consideration to any green home purchase or development.  Energy efficiency is important not only because of the environmental concerns surrounding energy use, but because among all potential environmental facets of a green home it provides by far the most economic return.  Cash flow and profitability resulting from building green are largely derived through energy savings. 

Also, another important reason for building ⥥ner语es is because we need to live more lightly on the earth.  The degradation of our environment is compromising our survival.  We can no longer ignore the impact we have on the earthॣosystem.  So as we proceed, let us endeavor to protect our consumers and environment while making our homes more comfortable and energy efficient.



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