I. Instructions:

This is an application for consideration as a Green Homes Plus Builder in the Green Homes Plus Program.  Attached to this application are the Green Homes Plus Builder Policies and Procedures, which should be carefully reviewed before completing this application. The definitions in the Builder Policies and Procedures apply to this application. The application is required to be completed by a “Principal” of the applicant as the term is defined in the attached Builder Policies and Procedures.  An application processing fee of $150.00 (made payable to Home Energy Concepts Corporation) must be submitted with this application along with a current certificate of insurance to Green Homes Plus Attn: David Lyle, PO Box 7342 McMinnville, TN 37111.

  Builder's Policies & Procedures       Technical Guidelines

II. Acknowledgement, Representations and Agreements by Applicant:

In the presence of and signed by a witness, the undersigned Principal of the applicant makes the following representatives and agreements on oath with the express understanding that they will be relied upon by Home Energy Concepts Corporation in considering this application for membership in the Program:

A.    A. The applicant must progress from “Option 1” and/or 2” to “Option 3” after completing a maximum of ten (10) homes or a specified number of homes in their first (1st) subdivision.
B.    The applicant represents that all of the information contained in the application is true and complete.
C.    Prior to submission of the application; the applicant has received, carefully and completely reviewed and understood the attached copy of the Builder Policies and Procedures. The applicant agrees to strictly and completely abide by and be bound by each provision of the Builder Policies and Procedures, as well as Exhibits, as they now exist or may hereafter be amended by
Home Energy Concepts Corporation.
D.    The applicant agrees to comply with and be bound by each of the criteria for membership as a Green Homes Plus Builder set forth in the Builder Policies and Procedures, including, but not limited to these relating to: compliance with Green Homes Plus standards; compliance with informational and marketing rules; issuance of Green Homes Plus certificates; use of contract addenda; use of contract specifications (Worksheet); compliance with Code of Ethics; inspection of records and residences; and, indemnification.
E.    The applicant understands that he/she does not become a Green Homes Plus participant simply by submitting this application and the required fees. The applicant further understands that the applicant must be reviewed by the Green Homes Plus Regional Manager, attend a Green Homes Plus Builder training session, before the applicant will receive a Green Homes Plus Builder Certificate. Prior to receiving a certificate, the applicant agrees that he/she will not represent himself/herself as being a Green Homes Plus Builder, issue any Green Homes Plus Certificates or otherwise make use of the Logo or Slogan.
F.    The undersigned is a: Principal of the applicant, as that term is defined in the Builder Policies and Procedures; has completed the application on behalf of the applicant; and is authorized by the applicant to complete and sign the application.
G.    The applicant must provide
Home Energy Concepts Corporation a current certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 general liability.
H.    It is the responsibility of the developer, construction engineer and/or builder to select all building materials, there proper use and to comply with all building codes. Builder must protect against excessive moisture, mold and mildew and assure indoor air quality. Builder agrees not to hold
HECC or Inspector/Rater liable for errors or omissions.  Any building materials or their suggested uses by HECC or Inspector/Rater are for informational purposes only and not to be taken as mandatory to comply with the Green Homes Plus Standards.
I.    If the builder should default in payment for agreed upon work, builder agrees to pay
HECC any expenses to which HECC incurs in the collection of the amount agreed upon, including reasonable attorney’s fees, expenses and court cost.

III. General Information:




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